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Firefox SEO Bookmarklets

Here are some bookmarklets you can use with Firefox to help you do SEO research. Drag and drop the bookmarks to your Firefox bookmark toolbar. You might also like our Firefox SEO Extensions, including the SEO Toolbar.

You may want to try the feature rich Google Toolbar buttons.

Useful SEO & Web Development Firefox Extensions:

  • AdBlock - makes it easy to strip down pages for fast load times.
  • AdSense Notifier - if you are a stat junkie and make mad flow off AdSense this gives you automated updates right to your desktop.
  • Blogger Web Comments - shows you what some bloggers have said about a page you are viewing.
  • Colorzilla - makes it easy to grab colors from Firefox.
  • Extension - places buttons for viewing or submitting to next to the address bar.
  • Google Toolbar - if you don't mind sending data back to Google
  • Greasemonkey - makes it easier to write your own custom scripts to work in Firefox.
  • LiveHTTPHeaders - good for checking redirects and whatnot.
  • PDF Download - makes it so PDFs don't consistently crash Firefox
  • Performancing - integrates blogging into Firefox.
  • Pong - obviously...needed.
  • Roboform (paid) - automated form filler and password saver.
  • SearchStatus - shows Alexa rank, Google PageRank, can highlight NoFollow links, indexed pages and backlinks
  • Session Saver - perhaps sometimes session crasher, but it stores what tabs were open before you closed Firefox so that they open again when you restart Firefox.
  • ShowIP - Shows which Google data center your search results are coming from.
  • UserAgentSwitcher - good for seeing how bots view a page. Works great with cookies and browser history cleared, especially when combined with LiveHTTPHeaders.
  • Viamatic foXpose - shows the contents of all tabs in one tab. Good if you are a tab whore like I am.
  • Web Developer - although I am not much of one this has a ton of cool web development features.
  • Yahoo! Toolbar - if you don't mind sending data back to Yahoo!

Page Related SEO Data Bookmarks:

Tools that will show you data about the page in your browser.

  • Alexa - shows the Alexa ranking for a site
  • TG - Touchgraph allows you to visualize the community of a web page. (requires Java)
  • DT - DomainTools, formerly, shows WhoIs information, site age, DMOZ listings and Yahoo! Directory listings.
  • YSE - Yahoo! Site Explorer makes it easy to look through what pages of a site are indexed and who is linking at them.
  • Y - Yahoo! link: checks links pointing at a page.
  • Ye - Yahoo! link: for .edu, .gov and .mil links pointing at a page.
  • MS - Microsoft Search backlinks for a page.
  • MSe - Microsoft Search .gov, .edu and .mil backlinks for a page.
  • O - Number of outbound links on a page. Snagged this from Todd.
  • T - Technorati links to page.
  • Del - URL history.

Other Useful SEO Bookmark Toolbar Links:

  • AR - allows you to see the history of a page or domain.
  • SKW - SEO Book keyword research tool
  • GT - Google Trends offers historical keyword related data.
  • GKW - Google AdWords keyword research tool
  • DPS - Keyword suggestion tool from Digital Point.
  • DPR - Keyword ranking lookup tool from Digital Point.
  • CS - Copyscape helps detect duplicate / plagiarized content
  • MY - Myriad Search - meta search engine. Makes it easy to CSV export all top 50 results from all major engines.
  • LH - Link Harvester makes it easy to view the backlinks of a competing website.
  • HF - Hub Finder searches the common backlinks of top ranked sites to find topical hubs.
  • DNS - DNS Stuff provides a wide array of free DNS tools.
  • GoogleTutor offers a Google Insights Bookmarklet.


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