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Free Link Reputation & Analysis Tools

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Overview: Analyze your link profile compared to competing websites, and find pages which would be great sources to get links from. Many modern major search engines consider links to be signs of trust or votes for websites. Great in content links also can send a large stream of targeted high value traffic.

At the bottom of this page I inserted a few free videos as an introduction to link building. We also worked with SEOmoz to offer a free 1-month trial to their service, which gives you access to their Open Site Explorer link data.

Competitive Research Tools With Link Information

  • SEO Toolbar - Imports link data from various sources and makes it quite easy to compare sites against each other.
  • SEO for Firefox - Import useful marketing data (including link counts, with links to source data) right into Google and Yahoo search results.

Link Research From the Search Engines

  • Google Webmaster Central - allows you to sign up for Google Sitemaps, shows some crawling errors, broken links, and a fairly comprehensive view of your backlinks.
    • However, while it offers you a significant catalog of backlinks, it will only give you data for your own websites that you have registered with Google.
    • You can also add anchor text checking to Google Webmaster Central by using this free Greasemonkey script.
  • Bing Webmaster Central - similar to Google Webmaster Tools, but recently they also started providing free backlink data for competing websites as well.
  • Yandex Webmaster Tools - portal from Russian search leader.
  • Exalead - primarily a provider of enterprise search solutions, which still offers a web graph to search against (much like how Fast Search & Transfer offered AllTheWeb many years back).

More Free Link Analysis Tools We Offer

  • Common Crawl - a free web crawl with link graph data from Common Search.
  • Web Directories Reviewed - editorial post about what directories are the most valuable from an SEO perspective.
  • Reciprocal Link Checker - script to help you automate finding out if your reciprocal link partners are still linking back at your site.
  • Link Suggest Tool - list of words and phrases like add URL, directory, ezine, etc. where you may be able to add links or buy ads.

Other Free Link Analysis Tools

Need Help With Link Building?

Paid Backlink Analysis Tools

Most of these tools feed off of databases built by crawling the web to create their own proprietary index of link data.

  • Ahrefs - newer player to the market similar to OSE & Majestic. Combines strong data depth & a great usable interface deep in features.
  • Open Site Explorer - useful web interface for exploring link data. Also allows you to download link data on a per-page or per-site basis.
  • Majestic - similar to Open Site Explorer, but also offers archived historical data. & has a far larger database.
  • URL Profiler - see if pages are cached in Google & retreive other metrics from 3rd party data sources like Ahrefs, Majestic & OSE.
  • WebMeUp - newer link analysis tool
  • OpenLinkProfiler - newer link analysis tool
  • CognitiveSEO - link classification tool
  • Buzzstream - Buzzstream can be thought of as a project management tool for cataloging link building opportunities & tracking progress with contacts. Here is our Buzzstream review.
  • Advanced Link Manager - downloadable software in combination with Advanced Web Ranking for $149. While ALM does not have its own link index, it does allow you to import data from OSE, Blekko & Majestic SEO.
  • Some other competitive research tools like SEM Rush & SearchMetrics are working to integrate link data too.
  • There are a variety of public relations pitching services like PRLeads, Haro & ResponseSource.
  • You can look up top performing social content in tools like Ahrefs. There are also tools like this one to come up with article ideas.
  • Here is a guide to social media image size optimization.

Trend Tools

Retired Link Research Tools

These are tools that were offered by search engines, our site, or other webmasters that have fallen by the wayside.

Background Information on Link Building

These three videos are all short (7 to 15 minutes each), sweet, and done by me. :)

How to Use Web Directories to Build Link Authority


How Public Relations Relates to Link Building & SEO


How to Build a Self-reinforcing Authority that Keeps Building Free Links

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