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SEO for Firefox's New Features

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SEO for Firefox.

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New in version 3.6.9 ...

  • Fixed / improved Bing & Yahoo! integration
  • Added new datapoints from social sites including Pinterest, Facebook & LinkedIn
  • Removed depreciated features like Google Insights, Bloglines, Digg, & Technorati.
  • Other performance fixes & minor updates.

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Does your site have structural issues hurting your SEO progress? With the Website Health Checker Tool you will be able to research through many potential issues - in under a minute!

With the Competitive Research Tool you will learn

  • what profitable keywords competitors are ranking for
  • with an estimate of how much each ranking is worth
  • the top keywords your site ranks for
  • how much potential additional traffic you could get by improving those rankings
  • the value of that traffic
  • (and all kinds of other great data...I could write for hours about this tool!)
  • here is a quick member walk through video of this tool to give you an idea of how powerful it is!

With the Duplicate Content Checker Tool you will be able to see if the content your writers submit is original or plagiarized from other online sources indexed by Google, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in legal fees and other issues. And you can also check to see who is copying your content without consent.

If a site links to multiple competing sites then perhaps it is an industry organization, an unaffiliated news site, or a directory of industry professionals where you can advertise or build links from. With that in mind we created Hub Finder, a tool which shows you common backlinks amongst competing websites.

Links are a big piece of the SEO puzzle, but what links count the most? Links from other sites that are trusted (and well ranked) for your keywords are more likely to count a lot. Google even discussed boosting these links in one of their search patents. With that in mind we created the LocalRank tool, to show you which ranking sites are linking to other ranking sites.

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If you ever have any SEO questions, please consider joining our online SEO training program and community forums. We offer over 100 custom training modules. Each day we have a lively conversation discussing the latest happenings in search and online marketing. Here are some of our most recent threads:

Pay it Forward!

We have spent many thousands of dollars building and upgrading this program. SEO for Firefox is more valuable than 99%+ of SEO software programs for sale, but we share it with webmasters around the globe free of charge. If you want to pay it forward and earn a bit of good karma today, consider donating to one of the following fine organizations:

Past Updates

New in version 3.5.9 ... 3.6.8 ...

  • Added ahrefs link data to SEO for Firefox. This data includes unique linking domains pointing into a website & the unique linking domains pointing into a specific web page.
    • ahref's includes both a propreitary link database (like Majestic SEO & OpenSiteExplorer) and a competitive research tool (like SEMRush).
    • For a limited time ahrefs is offering our users a 50% off discount on their first month of trying out their tool.
    • Want to learn more about ahrefs? Read our full Ahrefs review here.
  • Added support for Firefox 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 , 22, 23

New in version 3.5.7 ... 3.5.8...

  • Added support for Firefox 9
  • Added support for Firefox 8
  • Removed references to the discontinued Yahoo! Site Explorer

New in version 3.5.2 ... 3.5.6

  • Added support for Firefox 6 & 7
  • Added support for Firefox 5 (still works on FF4, but no longer supports FF3)

New in version 3.3.2 ... 3.5.1

  • Did you lose your status bar in an upgrade to Firefox 4?
    • Firefox version 4 does not have a status bar turned on by default, but you can install Status 4 Evar to get it back.
    • altarnatively SEO for Firefox's button should appear at the top right of your web browser
  • Further improved speed
  • Improved compatibility with new Google search result format
  • Fixed some item numbering issues when viewing paginated search results after page 1

New in version 3.2.0 ... 3.3.1

  • Now works on (though it does not yet work on the Google Maps 7 pack that sometimes appears in organic Google search results)
  • Updated StumbleUpon configuration
  • Updated for new Delicious configuration
  • Directory search integration + $50 off coupon :D
  • Now compatible with FF 3.6
  • BOTW should work in on-demand mode
  • Now works on Microsoft's Bing search results.
  • By default nofollow highlighting is not turned on (though it can be turned on in the options menu). I was getting a lot of OMG feedback from new internet marketers about red links, and that was getting old. ;)

New in version 3.1.1 ... 3.1.3 ...

  • Now compatible with FF 3.5
  • Now works on Google Blogsearch.
  • AJAX SERPs compatibility.
  • Minor performance tweaks.

New in version 3.1.0 ...

  • Fixed issue with some URLs that had spaces in them.
  • Fixed issue with not pulling in all BOTW listings.

New in version 3.0.9...

  • Now compatible with FF 3.1
  • Added status bar menu (right click on statusbar icon to see it)
  • Highlight nofollow button now has the on/off states
  • Added affiliate links to BOTW and SEM Rush (to help subsidize the future costs of building and maintaining this tool, without making it any uglier, more intrusive, or less functional).
  • Updated Seo XRay (the main window wasn't opening when it couldn't resolve ip of the current website)

New in version 3.0.8...

  • Fixed a small XRay bug: user could run multiple XRays on the same page each on top of the previous one.
  • Added "Highlight Nofollow" toolbar button (right click on any of your toolbars and find a red icon saying "Highlight nofollow" in button palette. Drag this button to any of your toolbars. Now you can highlight nofollow links by hand every time you click this button, even if highlight nofollow is disabled in Seo4FF settings).

New in version 3.0.4. ... 3.0.7 ...

  • Added Majestic SEO unique linking domains information.
  • Fixed issue with DMOZ listings information.

New in version 3.0. ... 3.0.3 ...

  • Digg counts for ranking page added.
  • Number of Digg homepage stories for site added.
  • StumbleUpon comment count added.
  • Links to Google's Search-based Keyword tool added.
    • One added at the top of the search results for deeper research of a particular keyword.
    • One added near each listing for site related competitive keyword research.
  • Link to Google Search Insights added.
  • Works with Google SearchWiki when you are logged into your Google account.
  • Offers link to Google sponsored results for that keyword.

New in version 2.9.0...

I should have made a version update log a while ago, but now is better than never. :)

If you are using Firefox version 3 you can now enjoy a feature in SEO for Firefox that we call SEO X-ray. SEO X-ray allows you to see...

  • how the on page optimization of any page looks (headings, meta description, page title)
  • the keyword density of the page and popular phrases on the page
  • how many links point into a page (total links, or links from external resources)
  • how many links point out of a page (as well as the anchor text of these links, nofollow vs follow, internal vs external - all exportable in CSV format)

then this new feature makes it quick and easy to do all of that. Simply right click on the page you are viewing, scroll down to SEO for Firefox, and click on SEO X-ray.

That will show you an overlay on the screen like this

Have feedback on this update? Leave it here.

General Usage Walkthrough

Other Useful Related Firefox Extensions and Goodies:

  • The SEO Toolbar offers data similar to SEO for Firefox, but in a handy Toolbar that is easy to turn on or off. It has many useful additional features baked into it as well.
  • Rank Checker is well worth a look for tracking your rankings.
  • View a list of related useful extensions on our SEO extension page.

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