The Website Marketing Mind Map: Internet Marketing Made Easy

Internet Marketing Made Easycustomer feedbackpast customer interactionspeople who boughtonline surveyphone callsemail interactionpeople who did not buyonline surveyserver log fileslearn what you already rank forfind common core keywordsfind common modifiersfind keywords with limited competition r ...analyticsGoogle Analytics - freeMint - $30 one time feeClickTracks - various pricesconversion trackingkeywords & the buying cycleunderstanding the buying cyclecreate brand evangelistshigh value of branded keywordsconversion oriented keywordswhat keywords convert poorlywords with another meaningwords with no commercial intentvaluable modifiersbad modifiers (ie: free, cheap)market researchpaid search campaignsGoogleAdSensefind popular pages using  placement perf ...use site targeting to estimate traffic v ...AdWordsfind new keywords with search query perf ...use market feedback to refine campaignYahoo Search MarketingMSN AdCenterpaid search toolskeyword research toolsGoogleTraffic EstimatorAdWords Sandbox - for keywords or URLsGoogle SuggestGoogle SetsYahooMicrosoftWordtrackerWordzeKeyword DiscoveryQuinturacompetitive research Search Analytics - by indust ...SpyFU - organic and paid searchKeyCompete - paid searchSEO Digger - organic searchSEO for Firefoxtrendsnewssubscribe to Google News RSS feeds for s top industry news channelsblogssubscribe to RSS feeds for searchesread top industry blogsindustry researchresearch firmsMediaPostTrendspottingGoogle Advertising Industry Metricsindustry non profitscompeting sitessite structurelink structurepromotionsrecent newsnetwork feedbackCJ advertiser statsClickBank MarketplacesearchGoogle TrendsYahoo BuzzretailAmazonNew ReleasesBest SellersMovers & ShakerseBayPulseMarketplace Researchweb designlogo designLogoBeephotosiStockPhototemplatesOSWD - freeTemplate Monsterweb designersforums and freelance sitesrecommendations from friendsdesign softwareDreamWeaverAdobe Photoshopcontent management systemsDrupalWordpressblogging tipsProbloggerCopybloggerPerformancingon site marketingusabilityDon't Make Me Thinkprofessional usability reviewssite architecture (aligned w keyword pro ...local & international strategiesleveraging subdomainstemporal & seasonal promotionsoriginal compelling editorial & useful t additional link weight on key page ...on page SEO strategiesmagnetic headlinespage title & meta tagsavoid duplicationSEO glossarywebsites   start with a strong domainauctionsSnapNamesTDNamSEDOmarketplacesAfternicBuyDomainsFabulousSEDOdirect purchasecreate niche promotional sitesbuy trusted competing siteslink marketingweb directoriesniche industry associationslocal directoriesgeneralYahoo! DirectoryDMOZBusiness.comJoeAntBOTWGimpsyunderstanding marketsThe Cluetrain Manifesto - how markets wo ...Purple Cow - how to be remarkablelinkbaitcontests and awardsinterviewsmetricstoolswidgets & gadgetsideas that appeal to egos of popular pub to buy links without being called a  ...bookmarksencourage sharing and bookmarking on you bookmarking sitesDel.icio.usStumbleUponDiggnichesyndicationdistribute content on third party sitesWork.comSquidooHubPagesBlog Carnivalswrite for friends and/or related sitesvideoYouTubeGoogle VideoCamtasia - makescreen recorded videossocial networksMySpaceFaceBookOrkutencourage subscribing to your feedwrite for other high authority sitescreate brand evangelists that syndicate  ...paid adsblog reviewsReviewMeBlogsvertisesponsorshipswebsitesnewsletterseventsnon profit organizationsindependant link buyslink networksText Link AdsText Link Brokersaffiliate programsdirectiDevAffiliatenetworksCJLinkSharemonetizationadsaffiliate programsCJLinkSharePerformicsAuction AdsAmazon AssociatesClickBanksmaller networksindependent / directdirect ad salesOpen AdsAd JugglerBlogAdsAdBriteflat rate text linksnetworkCPMValueclickBurst MediaCasale MediaTribal FusionCPCAdSenseYahoo! Publisher Networksalesproducts or servicessubscription vs one time feepayment processorsPaypalGoogle CheckoutClickBankindirect revenuesconsultingspeakingequity stakes in companiesinfluencing markets
hideInternet Marketing Made Easy
hidecustomer feedback
hidepast customer interactions
hidepeople who bought
leafonline survey
leafphone calls
leafemail interaction
hidepeople who did not buy
leafonline survey
hideserver log files
leaflearn what you already rank for
leaffind common core keywords
leaffind common modifiers
leaffind keywords with limited competition relative to their value
hideconversion tracking
hidekeywords & the buying cycle
leafcreate brand evangelists
leafconversion oriented keywords
hidewhat keywords convert poorly
leafwords with another meaning
leafwords with no commercial intent
leafbad modifiers (ie: free, cheap)
hidemarket research
hidepaid search campaigns
leafsubscribe to Google News RSS feeds for searches
leafread top industry news channels
leafsubscribe to RSS feeds for searches
leafread top industry blogs
hideindustry research
hideresearch firms
leafindustry non profits
hidecompeting sites
leafsite structure
leaflink structure
leafrecent news
hideweb design
hidelogo design
hideweb designers
leafforums and freelance sites
leafrecommendations from friends
hidedesign software
hidecontent management systems
hideon site marketing
hidesite architecture (aligned w keyword profile)
leaftemporal & seasonal promotions
leaforiginal compelling editorial & useful tools
leafplace additional link weight on key pages
leafcreate niche promotional sites
leafbuy trusted competing sites
hidelink marketing
hideweb directories
leafindustry associations
leaflocal directories
leafcontests and awards
leafwidgets & gadgets
leafideas that appeal to egos of popular publishers
leafencourage sharing and bookmarking on your site
hidesocial bookmarking sites
hidedistribute content on third party sites
leafwrite for other high authority sites
leafcreate brand evangelists that syndicate your ideas
hidepaid ads
hideblog reviews
leafnon profit organizations
leafindependant link buys
hideaffiliate programs
leafproducts or services
leafsubscription vs one time fee
hidepayment processors
hideindirect revenues
leafequity stakes in companies
leafinfluencing markets

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