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More About This Tool

Some competitive research tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs license clickstream data from firms like Jumpshot or DDMR, but outside of either directly licensing clickstream data (often at a cost of deep 6 to even 7 figures per year) or subscribing to tools that do, in many markets outside of the English language where Google has a dominant share of the search market it is hard to get keyword data from any source other than Google AdWords. And in many cases Google will use really broad ranges for keyword popularity data when a new advertiser tries to search for information using the Google Keyword Planner. Search engines stripping the keywords from their referrals also makes it hard to get granular data.

This tool is not perfect, but it is an attempt to offer an alternative dataset for those who don't have an AdWords account, or don't have active subscriptions with some of the paid competitive research tools. It offers French, German, Italian & Spanish keyword suggestions, an estimated search count, organic competitors & lists which of the 4 databases the keyword came from.

Data from this tool originally came from old Overture keyword tool. Overture was founded in 1996 by Idealab's Bill Gross in 1996. It was the first major pay per click search engine. They relied on syndication deals with companies like MSN & Yahoo! for distribution. Eventually Overture bought out AllTheWeb & AltaVista to try to own search distribution directly, but then Yahoo quickly acquired Inktomi & Overture. By the time Yahoo! merged all their search teams & technology Google had alredy won the search market.

Data from this tool it is not going to precisely match the current market. If you are searching for new keywords associated with a movie released last week or the latest iPhone model those keywords won't be in here. While this tool does not contain that sort of data, it can be used to get a sort of feel for directional relative popularity for keywords representing normal everyday informational search queries.

There is some overlap in the data from these databases, as they were constructed based on searcher origin rather than strictly sticking to language. So if a person in Germany searched for an English-language keyword many times than that might still show up here. In some cases the keywords might also display some stemming issues due to how Overture worked with their keyword matching.

Results can be quickly exported using the Export button to the right of the submit button.

This tool does not contain keyword click pricing data, which our core English-language keyword tool does.

If this tool is widely used & received well then we may add other languages to it like Portugese.