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SEO for Firefox

SEO for Firefox.

SEO for Firefox - Import useful marketing data right into Google and Yahoo search results.

Browser Buttons and Bookmarks

Quick links and browser extensions which make it easy for you to access cool free SEO tools from anywhere on the web.

  • Google Toolbar Buttons - Allows you to add quick links to SEO tools and RSS feeds to the Google toolbar. They only works with the new beta Internet Explorer version of the Google Toolbar.
  • Firefox Bookmarks - Links to various useful free SEO tools that you can add to your Firefox bookmarks toolbar.

Search Marketing Conferences

It is hard to think of conferences as tools, but social networking is huge in this industry. Here is an industry conference calendar.

Keyword Research / Keyword Generation / Analysis

SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool - tool shows top keyword phrases from Overture. Also

  • Links to other keyword research tools, including:
    • Overture View Bid
    • Google Suggest (popular Google search phrases)
    • Search results from each of the major engines
    • Google AdWords Keyword Sandbox Tool
    • WordTracker
    • Keyword Discovery
  • The tool also links at various vertical databases, blog searches, and tagging systems to show you the top results from other information sources.
  • grab the source code

Keyword Phrase List Generator

Keyword List Generator - allows you to quickly create large lists of keyword phrases using keywords and modifiers

  • web based
  • really fast
  • makes generating a ton of keyword phrases for your PPC campaign quick and easy
  • open source: grab the source code!

Keyword List Cleaner

Keyword List Cleaner - allows you to quickly create a functional keyword list from most any publicly available keyword source

  • try it now
  • web based
  • really fast
  • allows you to take unstructured keyword data and format it, making keyword lists alphanumeric, remove numbers, and remove any poorly targeted words or any phrase containing a poorly targeted word
  • open source: grab the source code!

Keyword Misspelling Generator

Keyword Misspelling Generator - allows you to generate various misspellings of a keyword or phrase to match common typing errors. Useful for creating keyword lists around your most important keywords to bid on.

Google Suggest Scraper Tool

Google Suggest Tool - shows frequently search for phrases starting with the words and letters in your query.

Yahoo! Search Term Extraction Tool

Yahoo Term Extraction - delivers a list of most important keywords contained inside a piece of text.

Keyword Density Analyzer

Keyword Density Analysis Tool - finds common words and phrases on your site.

Free Meta Tag Generator

Meta Tag Generator - Free tips for creating your meta tag. Offers a javascript tool for generating xhtml compliant meta tags.

Link Analysis Tools

Back Link Analyzer

Back Link Analyzer - free Windows based downloadable software.

  • downloadable software
  • does link anchor text analysis
  • fairly quick
  • works with API's from Google & Yahoo!
  • not open source yet, as I want to make it plug-in friendly first

Link Harvester

Link Harvester - allows you to deeply query the Yahoo! database and gives a good amount of link details.

  • web based
  • really fast
  • makes sorting out duplicate links from the same site easy, which allows you to quickly and deeply query the Yahoo! backlink database.
  • does not give anchor text
  • gives breakdowns of .edu links and number of C block IP addresses, etc.
  • open source: grab the source code!

Hub Finder

Hub Finder - finds topically related pages by looking at link co-citation. post about tool

Other Link Analysis Tools

SEO Competitive Research Analysis

Myriad Search

Myriad Search - makes finding authority pages easy

  • web based
  • really fast
  • makes finding authority pages and cross comparing search results from all major search engines easy
  • grab the source code

Competition Finder

Competition Finder - tool looks at how many competing pages there are in Google's index that have your desired keywords in their page title and anchor text.


Free competitive analysis tool pulling in many data points, similar to SEO for Firefox.

Search Engine Saturation

Search Engine Saturation Tool - helps you compare how many pages you have in the search indexes compared against competing sites.

Page Comparison Tool

Page Comparison Tool - tool compares the page titles, meta information, and most common two and three word phrases between different pages.

Google Rank Checker Tools

These tools do not use the Google API. :(

General SEO Tools

Spider Tester Tool

Spider Test Tool - shows the page size, source code, meta tags, page title, textual copy of the page, keyword breakdown by density (including 2 and 3 word phrases), number of words, number of unique words, and outbound links on a page.

Other SEO Tools

These are SEO tools I use that I did not create which I find useful.

Browser Extensions & Bookmarks

I can't emphasize enough how useful these are.

  • Google Toolbar Buttons - Allows you to add quick links to SEO tools and RSS feeds to the Google toolbar. They only works with the new beta Internet Explorer version of the Google Toolbar.
  • Firefox Bookmarks - Links to various useful free SEO tools that you can add to your Firefox bookmarks toolbar.

Jim Boykin's Free Tools

Rank Checkers

  • Digital Point's Keyword Ranking Tool - tracks your rankings in Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Makes it easy to look at historical records of rankings to help you evaluate algorithmic changes and effective SEO techniques you are using.

Keyword Research

Link Checker

Google Sitemap Generator

  • XML Sitemaps - makes free Google sitemaps for sites up to 500 pages in size. Sells a cheap and useful script to build sitemaps for larger site sizes.

From the Engines:

  • Yahoo! Site Explorer - allows you to see what pages you have indexed as well as the backlinks to those pages
  • Google Webmaster Central - allows you to sign up for Google Sitemaps, shows some crawling errors, and a more complete view of your backlinks.

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